photoFor most of my life, I’ve had a desire to practice Yoga.  I couldn’t tell you why other than it was something I was guided to do.  In fact, that’s how I live a large part of my life, just following an inner guidance.  When I get these intuitive feelings or compulsions, I have a deep faith that things will work out.  Frankly, I waited a while before beginning my Yogic Journey because taking Yoga classes can be expensive and I wasn’t ready to financially commit.  Fortunately, when I’m guided to do something in life, I find that things have a way of working themselves out eventually.

In 2012, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to begin my Yogic journey basically for free!  Obviously, this wasn’t something I was going to pass up.  Fortunately, the studio where I received my training and really developed my Yogic practice was absolutely perfect for me.  I really love the Vinyasa style of Yoga and in January 2013 my Yoga Teacher Training began.  At first the depth of knowledge we covered was overwhelming but I quickly learned that studying the asana, philosophy and other aspects of Yoga would become a lifelong education and not something to be mastered in the 11 months of my teacher training.  Through my studies, I learned that I was already living much of my life in sync with the Yogic traditions.  This recognition really helped to deepen my conviction in my beliefs, habits and ongoing daily efforts to LIVING A BETTER LIFE NOW!

Since completing my Yoga Teacher Training in November 2013 my journey with Yoga has only developed more completely.  My asana practice always has a profound impact on my day.  My practice helps me to find the place of intersection and union inside my body and soul.  It’s almost as if my practice helps to take me right into the core of my being where I can learn to grow and live with more peace.  I’m not sure exactly where this journey is going to lead, but I’m excited to be on the road and look forward to the exciting things I can learn through my Yogic practice!


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