On Chaos and Change

Recently, I’ve found myself shaking my head in frustration and confusion a lot! I’ve noticed that the world around me has been changing a lot lately and that things seemed to be a bit more chaotic and unpredictable. Even the people in my life that are usually really dependable and their actions and behaviors predictable seem to be experiencing this chaos on some level. It’s been really confusing, Continue reading


Joyful Daily Living

During my meditation this morning, I was thinking about Joy. I was meditating on living from a place of Joy and Happiness in each moment. While doing this, I was trying to work through some of the things that keep me from living from a place of Joy, things like fear of not having enough money, not succeeding, etc. I know intuitively, that if I follow what bring me Joy that everything will fall into place and yet it seems so difficult to get started sometimes. So, I thought about getting some guidance from the Higher Vibrational Beings of Light on the matter. Check out what they had to share! Oh, one more thing, the energy that I channel calls me by my soul name, Mare’Sol which to me means, Sea and Sun! Enjoy!

Greetings friends,
It is with great pleasure that we come to share with you some answers to the questions, Mare’sol (Mark) has been contemplating during his meditation today. How do I live a joyful life each day? And how do I ultimately live my true Joy and Love when it seems so hard to get started? Continue reading

Dealing with Death and what it means!

Yesterday, I went to a funeral service for the deceased father of one of my childhood friends.  My friend’s father passed away very unexpectedly and the whole family and all of their close friends are in shock.  When tragedies like this happen in life, I always try to step back and find the meaning in the situation.  I believe that everything that happens in our lives give us an opportunity to grow deeper into our TRUTH, and to become more connected with our choices and our lives.  While trying to make sense of this shocking loss, I felt the need to channel some information to provide some guidance on the matter.

“Greetings loved ones,

We come to you now to share a response to Mare ‘Sol’s (Mark’s) questions and inquiries about the meaning of death, the purpose of death and how the loss of a loved one can become a positive experience.  First we wish to offer you our deepest condolences and support as we know the loss of a loved one is difficult.  It is difficult to see the body of a loved one empty of the life you once knew it to hold.

From our perspective though, there is no loss at all only transition.  Continue reading

Letting go of how it “should” be!

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of people for a monthly spiritual discussion group.  Our discussion started with some conversation about Walk Ins, some good spiritually thought provoking books and a review of past life issues.  I always find these discussion groups really uplifting as they serve as a reminder of the importance of LIVING MY TRUTH NOW rather than living a life distracted by things that don’t have real meaning and value.

As our discussion was winding down, I felt a very strong urge to channel some information for our group as well as for certain individuals.   Continue reading

You are a “Divine Being of Light”

Greetings Friends,
As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to share in conscious communication with you.  It has been an exciting time on your plane for many as the frequencies of light continue to shift from a lower vibration to one of a higher nature.  Along with these changes have come many changes in your life, your surroundings and your beliefs about how the way the world “should be.”  These changes are occurring to help elevate you to the next level of your evolution as a divine being of light.  This is a term we often use, “divine being of light.”  Have you ever contemplated the true meaning of those few words?   Continue reading