Psychic Channeling

The path to truth, to living our own personal truth lies within each of us.  It always has and it always will.  We are more powerful that we can imagine and we can literally do more amazing things than we realize.  I believe this with my whole self and know it to be true.  So what does that have to do with Psychic Channeling?  Good Question!  Let me start be explaining what I mean by, “Psychic Channeling.”  When I meditate or consciously connect with my heart and higher self, I am able to intentionally connect with higher vibrational energies and beings of light, like Angel and Ascended Masters.  Honestly, I’m not special in this regard, we can all do this to some degree but it’s a skill that for all of us needs to be developed.  For me, once I establish this connection, I’m able to channel the energy and information through written or spoken word.  I am totally conscious and aware of what’s occurring around me at these times and generally take on a sense of general knowing about things.  For me, the information that I’ve channeled over the years has been a tremendous help in my own life.  You’ll probably see a lot of this information in my blog since it’s a big source of strength and truth for me.  The messages always help to remind me of the most important things in my life and serve as opportunities to refocus and regroup.  I hope that the messages I share through this blog can help you find some personal truths in your own life or to help remind you of truths you once knew and lived but have forgotten!


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