Healing Arts

Back in college, I remember beginning to grow out of the little box I used to live in.  Until college, I believed mostly was I was raised to believe or what my friends believed because I wanted to fit in.  Don’t get me wrong, my core beliefs at the time weren’t so flexible but a lot of what I came to think of as the right way to do things, or the way the world was supposed to work wasn’t really based on anything I spent much time thinking about.  College helped to change that for me.  The independence that comes along with college life really helped me to evolve personally, spiritually and emotionally.   I had some tough relationships that really transformed me in ways I’m still only beginning to appreciate.  One of the products of those years was a growing desire and interest in learning about how I saw the world. I quickly began to learn that many of the thoughts and beliefs I was raised  to believe didn’t necessarily resonate with me.  This is where I believe I began to make space in my life for the alternative ways of living and thinking.

At this point in my life, I began to read…ALOT!  I never really enjoyed reading up until this point but I began to develop an insatiable appetite for learning about energy, metaphysics, the mind-body connection and on and on.  Through some of these readings, I learned about Reiki.  At the time, Reiki seemed so magical and really served as a gateway drug for me into all things spiritual and healing based.  I began my training in Reiki and journey to becoming a Reiki Master and know intuitively that I found exactly the right teachers that I needed to have.  I made some connections with people that have forever changed my life!  I am so grateful for those experiences and people and through those moments have developed a very profound respect for the amazing healing benefits of Reiki and energy work!

The next big moment I recall in developing an appreciation for the power in the Healing Arts began around the time my Grandfather was dying.  My grandfather had developed prostate cancer and as his health began to diminish my family made the decision to move him to a hospice home in our community.  They provided great care for my grandfather but as the end of his life continued to grow more and more near, I felt a growing sense of loss that is difficult to describe.  While I don’t think I could ever call my grandfather my best friend, and while we never spent inordinate amounts of time together I always had a deep connection with him.  My feelings of loss and at the same time connectedness to my grandfather fueled an interest in attending an evening workshop on channeling.  At the time, I didn’t have a really clear sense of what the workshop was going to cover or a thorough understanding of channeling for that matter but again, something was encouraging me to attend and so I did.  I look back at this workshop as a defining moment in my life.  I had the pleasure and honor of meeting one of my greatest earthly teachers that night, Linda Stein-Luthke.  Linda was hosting the workshop and during the evening she channeled the energy of Higher Vibrational Beings of Light.  During the channeling, a general message for the group was offered along with an opportunity to ask questions to the “source” or the information.  Naturally, I had asked somewhat anxiously about my grandfathers passing and our relationship.  The words that followed awakened something in my soul and higher self that has changed my life immeasurably.   Shortly after that evening, my grandfather passed away and my deep sense of spirituality really helped get me through that difficult time.  Through that experience, I learned how to connect energetically and spiritually with my grandfather through a heart connection and it is that same heart connection that I use today to do much of the healing work that I do.  A few months passed and I was guided to schedule an appointment with Linda.  Honestly, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into because I never specified what the appointment was for.  I didn’t really care either, I just knew that I had to meet with her.  Again, I was being guided to do something and as I’ve said, I followed that guidance.  And thank goodness I did.  What followed was an introduction into a healing modality called Psychoenergetic Healing which has changed my life dramatically!!!  Through doing that work I learned so much about myself, my higher self, my past lives and about the things that drive me in life.  Also, through experiencing the work regularly for a few years and taking a few classes with Linda Stein-Luthke and her husband Martin Luthke, I eventually learned how to do the work myself.  Well, actually, I was reminded how to do the work.  See, I believe that I’ve done the work or similar work before in past lives and so I was simply re-introduced to something that I’ve always known to be a powerful transformative technique.  Please read about this healing modality at:  http://www.u-r-light.com/html/psychoenergetichealing.htm.  You can also read about the wonderful work that Linda and Martin continue to do.  The light that they carry and share with the world truly makes it a better place to live in and I am forever grateful to them for sharing their light and their work with me.

Naturally, as I began to work with clients of my own doing Psychoenergetic Healing, the world of past lives began to open more fully to me.  I’ll routinely do past life work for myself and others as I feel like it really does help me to understand my life and circumstances more fully.  And as always, all these things help me in LIVING A BETTER LIFE NOW!


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