About Me

Hello Everyone!  Thanks for checking out this blog.  I’m actually really excited about blogging.  I’ve been encouraged by people throughout my life to write a book but just don’t feel like I’m ready to make a commitment like that yet.  So, I thought a blog would be a great way to create a voice for myself and to share a little about who I am, what I do and what’s important to me.  So here goes…

When I think about this question, “Who am I?” the first thing that comes to me is, “A Divine Being of Light in Human Form.”  And…I am.  I mean that, I know it to be true and I believe it.  I may not always act like it, but I know it.  But that probably doesn’t tell you much about me since we’re all divine and wonderful beings having a human experience.  Well, I’m a married man and am madly in love with my wife.  She’s wonderful and such a great support and amazing friend.  Beyond that, I’m just another person trying to live the best life that I can.  I’m really devoted to my own spiritual and personal growth and am always trying to push myself to be better than I was the day before.  I meditate daily, well most days and find that to be the single most important thing I do to stay grounded, connected and honest.  My meditations really help guide my daily actions and help serve as an opportunity to for me to connect with my heart in a meaningful way.  I feel like it’s my heart that really guides me and so I try to find time to connect with it regularly.  Beyond that I love Yoga, Gardening, Reiki and Energy Work, Fishing and generally anything that gets me outside!  I think we all spend way too much time indoors!

So, you know I’ve dedicated myself to being a better person and I try to share the things I’ve learned with others.  In a traditional sense, I’ve trained as a Counselor and have worked to help people navigate the challenges in life to try to find meaning, purpose and healing.  I want to always be a better person and I try to help other become better people too!  In a more alternative way, I work with people providing guidance and support through Reiki, Psychic and Intuitive guidance and Channeling Higher Vibrational knowledge for people.  I love what I do and helping people and hope that this blog can help you find some answers to the question you have in your own life!

What important to me?  Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet…living a good life.  I want to live a fulfilling, joyful life and have lots of fun which isn’t always the easiest for me.  I can be introverted, serious, task oriented and obsessive sometimes and I have been known to get in my own way.  So, those are a few of the things I have to work on in life but you’ll learn a lot more about the things I have to work on in life through this blog so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in checking out my Facebook page you can find it here: http://www.facebook.com/mare.sol.98  In fact, you should check it out because I host a weekly guided meditation group and I record my meditations and post them on my page!


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