Changing Frequencies of Light

Greetings Children of the Light,

It has been some time since Mare’Sol has opened himself up to receive our conscious communication!  He has been quite wrapped up in many earthly concerns lately for which we have been sending him Love and support.  We send this same Love and support to each of you, always.  Do you open yourself to receive it?  Do you allow yourself the time and nurturing you deserve to receive and feel our Love and support? 

Many on your plane of existence are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing frequencies of energy and Light that are bombarding your dear “Mother Earth.”  Unfortunately, for those of you who have been struggling, we wish to tell you that these changes will only increase in frequency and intensity.  Although we understand it can be difficult to adjust to all the new things happening around you all the time, we wish for you to know that these changes are occurring to bring more Light into your world.  For some time, your world grew distant from it’s constant connection to this one true source of Light and Love.  It is because of this lack of consciously connecting to “Mother Earth” that these changes have been initiated!  Your world is literally being flooded with Grace, Light and Love.  We understand that it may not feel like it is Grace, Light and Love that are throwing your known world and relationships into upheaval but we wish to remind you that through change comes growth.  Many times, it is the change that forces us to think, act and understand our world differently.  Of course, you can adjust to these frequencies with ease rather than through struggle and frustration but you must do that mindfully and with intention.  You must sit, be still and let these new frequencies of Light flood through you, let them heal you and support your growth.  You see, when you do not take the time to allow these changes to occur, to mindfully connect with them, you naturally resist them because they feel different and looks different.  That is the source of your frustration!  We understand this may be difficult to hear – that “I am the cause of my own frustration.”  We do not say this with the intention of scolding you like a mother would a child, but rather to help support your transition into mindfully connecting to these changing frequencies.  Once you begin to reserve time and opportunities to connect with these rapidly changing frequencies you will begin to see amazing changes!  This is a promise we make to you!

As always, please know that we are here guiding and loving you!  Simply ask for help and it will come!

Your friends,

The Divine White Brotherhood


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