The Path to Authenticity

It can be dirty business trying to live authentically all the time. You have to be willing to get some dirt under your finger nails and to really do some heavy lifting if you’re going to Live Your Truth Now…

This past year, I’ve had my share of opportunities to learn to let go of living from a place of Fear, Worry, and second guessing myself.

Life has handed me several chances this past year to Speak My Truth, and Live Authentically but I haven’t always answered those calls quickly. The result – STRESS, more Anxiety, more Worry, more Fear…you get the picture. Fortunately for me, I’ve been partially aware of the things that have kept me from Living Authentically and I’ve worked on them. In fairness, I’ve obsessed quite a bit about the circumstances, people and situations that have contributed to my decision to remain silent. I’ll be even more honest, I’ve gotten pretty good at the blame game. Some time ago though, I reached a tipping point, a point where I knew something had to change. I decided that I wasn’t going to keep silent anymore, I would Speak My Truth. I wasn’t going to try to mold myself into the image others saw me fitting into. I would Speak My Truth, Live My Truth Now and Reclaim My Voice. And, for the most part, I’ve been doing better. I slip, I fall, I find myself obsessing and worrying again but I’ve been shown several times now that even after taking a few steps back that Speaking Up, Finding My Truth and sharing that leads to a healthier and usually happier place. The difficult thing for me is silencing myself and quietly suffering. That’s not who I am and when I don’t act Authentically, I don’t function well. I learned that I was afraid to Speak My Truths and afraid to Live Authentically because of how that would reinforce the perception others have of me. Of course, this made me feel miserable! So, this past week, Life handed me another sparkling opportunity to Live Authentically. Guess what I did? Yep, suffered in silence, let Anger take hold, Obsessed – you get the picture. But then, I spoke up. I didn’t let as much time pass; I didn’t suffer in silence as long this time. In essence, I Improved! I Spoke My Truth and thank goodness I did. At first, I spoke it softly and gingerly, afraid to express the depth of my thoughts but slowly I opened up more. Slowly, I began to let my Truth out and what followed blew me away. You see, I’ve always had this dream of finding or manifesting the perfect job – Don’t we all? I want to Live My Truth Now doing what I love doing! Well, I might get a little closer to coming to realize a portion of that dream!!! I can’t really underscore enough the significance of this because I never thought this dream could be realized in the way it might manifest now. CRAZY!!! I guess, if I’m gonna learn the importance of being Authentic and Speaking My Truth, learning the lesson in this manner will not likely be one I forgot so easily next time. Granted, the seeds have been planted and nothing has matured yet, but I’m going to make sure to water and care for those seeds with my Authentic Self. I’m not sure what will happen or what the outcome will be but I know that it’s important for me to present in the process, letting my truth be known.


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