Closing Doors…

In life, some doors open and some doors close. We can’t change this, not matter how hard we try. The thing is, it’s always easier to start a new journey and close a door when the right/new doors open first. Interestingly, it doesn’t always work like that, sometimes you have to leap!

Sometimes in life, you have to close a door before life opens another one up! You see, this is really difficult to manage sometimes. I have expectations in life, we all do. One of those expectations, actually beliefs, is that I will always be guided to the things I need in my life. This faith has never let me down, it always works. When I need a change or something needs to shift…it does. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen the way that I want it to change! What I mean by that is that I like to see the new opportunity before the old one ends. That’s the expectation that I need to learn to let go of. Recently, I had been feeling like a change was necessary in my Yoga practice. I had been a devoted student at a Yoga studio and eventually began to teach in the same studio. After a little time though, I began to have doubts that I was supposed to be teaching at the studio. I spent several meditations sitting with the idea of leaving the studio and moving on to something new. Eventually, I came to know and trust that I had to terminate my teaching arrangement there, but I was hoping that the next opportunity would be open to me first. I didn’t want to leave one studio without a new one to teach at. So, guess what I did? Well, I stayed longer than I should have. Unfortunately, this had an impact on my personal yoga practice. I started to lose sight of the things that had once been so pure and accessible to me in my practice. Unfortunately, rather than just trusting my intuition and moving on, I stayed and waited for a new opportunity to present itself. After a couple months of this, I finally woke up. With heavy heart, I committed to terminating my teaching contract and notified the studio owner. Then, I waited. Even though I didn’t have another teaching job lined up, I knew I’d figure it out and that the opportunity would find me but I had to stop reaching for it. Guess what, yep, the next day I was at a Yoga class and the teacher mentioned that she was interested in talking with me about teaching meditation at her studio. And, a couple days after that, another studio owner offered me a job! I’m blown away by how quickly these offers rolled in once I got out of my own way and followed my intuition. In fact, this is the way things usually work but this experience helped me to see how big a role expectations play in my life. Even though I have a strong faith in how things will work out, my expectations of how that was supposed to play itself out got in my way. It’s hard to always believe and trust that even though the next journey hasn’t begun or may not be known that it will unfold in the highest and best good for me. I can’t control how that goes. Actually, it’s my fruitless efforts to control things that prevented it from happening. I guess I needed a reminder on the importance of letting go and trusting. Sadly, I think this is a lesson that I’ll have to re-learn but at least I have the faith to know that once I let go, things will work out.

Good luck, it’s time to let go!


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