On Chaos and Change

Recently, I’ve found myself shaking my head in frustration and confusion a lot! I’ve noticed that the world around me has been changing a lot lately and that things seemed to be a bit more chaotic and unpredictable. Even the people in my life that are usually really dependable and their actions and behaviors predictable seem to be experiencing this chaos on some level. It’s been really confusing, frustrating and sometimes downright upsetting! I’ve really had to push myself to try to stay centered and grounded during the last few weeks since everything seems to be flipped upside down! I’ve been meditating on this chaos for a while and thought I’d share some of the guidance I’m getting from the “Beings of Light!”

Lately, Mare’Sol (Mark) has been experiencing a great number of small and large changes. He has also been commenting lately on the unusual nature of the things occurring in his life. People are “acting strangely” and overall things seem to be turned upside down. Even those things that were once “dependable” and “predictable” seem to be chaotic and confusing. It is these things that we wish to comment on today.
You see Dear Friends, things are in fact changing. We have been sharing with you that the speed in which change occurs has been increasing and these “chaotic” events are proof that this is in fact occurring. You see, your ability to manifest and create is increasing as the frequencies of light that allow you to create are more accessible now than ever before. So, what you are beginning to notice are the results of the collective and individual consciousness creating and manifesting desires and fears. While this can seem scary to know that you can easily create a manifestation of your fears, it is equally exciting that you can manifest beauty, love and joy with just as much ease. Know that what you focus on will inevitably lead to what you create. So, do you pay attention to what you focus on and thus what you are creating? It is more important than ever for you to find stillness and light in each moment and to be centered in that light at all times. It is important to breathe the light with each moment and to let that light fuel your creations! For many of you, you are saying, “this seems reasonable but how does this help me when the people around me are manifesting chaos and problems?” Ahh, this is even more important and is really at the core of what Mare’Sol is trying to make sense of. You see, it is these times that it is even more critical to be aware of your thoughts and whether you are grounded in your light! When you are not, your chakras and energy system are thrown into disarray! When you stay grounded you are more able to respond to the chaos and more importantly to respond from a place of love and light. This is what you are trying to do and it is possible…with devotion. Each moment will need to become an intentional moment of prayer and inward reflection. We know this sounds like a great task but we are here to tell you that it does get easier! The more aware of your thoughts, feelings and energy you become, the easier it is for you to stay grounded. We know this will take work and wish to tell you that we are here to help you do this! We are always here helping you find that peace and to stay grounded in your TRUTH. Simply ask for help and open your heart and we are there! It is this easy and we promise to provide you with the support and love that you need!

Remember, you are creating your reality now. You are in the “driver’s seat.” You are a Divine Being of Light and we encourage you to stay centered in the wisdom!

In Loving Light,

The Beings of Love and Gratitude.


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