Your Heart Will Guide You!

Greetings Dear Ones,
It is with Great Pleasure that we come to share with you once again.  We wish to begin by letting you know that we have heard your cries for help and are answering those calls now.  In fact, we answer those pleas for help in the moment you make them but you do not always sit to listen to the answers to your questions.  In order to hear and know something as truth you must first begin by quieting the mind.  If you cannot quiet the mind and still your emotions, how can you come to know something as Truth?  We come to tell you that you cannot know Truth if you do not take time to sit with it, to know how it feels and to know how it sounds.  Truth fills your heart with peace and certainty.  It gives direction.  Fear or the creations of the ego mind on the other hand do  not create peace.  Being able to know the difference between these comes with practice, with a devotion to sitting in stillness and opening the heart.  That is what many of you ask for, to live a more heart centered life.  How do you expect to be able to live that kind of a life if you do not take time to know your heart and to rest in it?  Again, we come to tell you that you cannot.  That is why your meditation practice is so important, it helps to serve as your roadmap for finding your Truth.
Now, we wish to tell you that we know things are becoming more intense on your plane of existence.  Highs feel Higher and conversely Lows feel Lower.  Despite these rapidly shifting frequencies, you can find balance in the center.  Again, to find this balance you must sit and be still.  By doing this, you are more able to ride the waves of changing frequencies with more ease and with greater Joy.  Change can be Joyful if you allow yourself to let go of your fears.
Your Friends,
The Intergalactic Brotherhood

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