Perspective and Personal Power

Recently, I had a very upsetting conversation with someone who was sharing their opinions, perspective and perceptions with me about some work we’ve done together. Personally, I take feedback very seriously and am always open to hearing it, as I’m always dedicated to living a better life and being a better person. However, sometimes I have a hard time hearing feedback…we all do. Especially, when it doesn’t make sense. Generally, I’m not defensive when receiving feedback from others nor am I disagreeable. Heck, we can learn a lot about ourselves when we hear how other people perceive us so I always try to be open-minded. Unfortunately, when someone is giving us feedback it gets filtered through theirs and our perspective and perceptions and so sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. So, this week, I received some feedback that was frankly really hard to hear and while I definitely learned a few really valuable things I found myself feeling really outraged, angry and hurt by some of the feedback I received. After sitting with the feedback for a while in my meditation I realized it just wasn’t making sense and really didn’t fit me personally. Obviously, that got me thinking about feedback, perspective and personal power. See what happened for me was that in getting stuck in trying to make sense of the feedback I was given, I noticed I was giving away my personal power because I was trying to make myself make sense of the feedback and to change to make the other person happy. In doing that, I was giving away my personal power and was left feeling depressed, lost and powerless. Again, don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot from some of the feedback and learned how important open communication can be in clarifying perspectives. But, I also learned that sometimes people see you a certain way because of their life history and their personality and no matter how hard you try to “be a good person, a good employee, a good friend, etc” sometimes someone’s feedback is really just not accurate. This is in part because we see what we want to see. I realized I need to be more discriminating in recognizing the kernels of TRUTH in feedback and to leave the rest behind. Otherwise, I risk giving away my personal power in trying to be someone or something I am not. That is never a good thing. So, after coming to these realizations I again thought I’d check in with the Diving Beings of Light for some additional clarification and guidance!

Greetings Dear Ones,
It is true that Mare’Sol (Mark) did in fact have some difficult conversations this week. He under reports the difficulty and impact this interaction had on him, for it really threw him out of whack for a while. He was energetically disorganized and frazzled and spent a considerable amount of the last couple days feeling down and depressed about the conversation. However, we wish for him to know that this conversation does serve a higher purpose in his life as they do in yours as well.
You see, growth is not always easy and yet it is essential if you are going to LIVE YOUR TRUTH NOW. Mare’Sol has grown comfortable in many ways in his life and needs to be challenged. This conversation, while disturbing, is serving a bigger purpose for him just as these things do for you too. Anytime you begin to get too comfortable in your lives, you should begin asking yourself, “What’s next?” Life is about growth and expansion and Mare’Sol has mastered many lessons in some of the current roles he plays. This conversation he is struggling with is his higher self’s way of encouraging him to reach farther and take some risks. It is important that he recognizes how this conversation is effecting his feelings of empowerment because in many ways he was giving his power away in trying to be something and someone that is not consistent with his identity.
You see, perspective in life is all about what you focus on. Everyone experiences the same thing in a different way and each perspective is uniquely valid for the person perceiving things. However, it is not accurate to think your perspective and perception will be consistent and valid for someone else. This is because you have the choice in life as to what you focus your attention on. As we have said many times, what you focus on increases in your life. In the situation above, Mare’Sol was becoming more and more distressed because his focus was on how he thought he was being deficient in his work and interactions. This contributed to a lower energy, lower mood and overall general sense of discomfort. When he recognized that his TRUTH is not the same as another’s, he began to regain his lost power. Do not get us wrong, it is important to learn from others and to listen to them but ultimately it is more important to listen to your hearts. Your hearts will always guide you to your TRUTH, even though it may seem scary and difficult to hear what is has to say. It is for this reason we always encourage you to be grounded in your heart and to stay connected to the light within you at all times. In doing this, you will always be in alignment with your TRUTH and will always retain your Diving Power! It is difficult to do this, we know, but we encourage you to make it a practice of connecting with your heart and light throughout each day. In doing this, you find meaning and Joy more easily.

In Loving Light,

The Angels of Love


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