Joyful Daily Living

During my meditation this morning, I was thinking about Joy. I was meditating on living from a place of Joy and Happiness in each moment. While doing this, I was trying to work through some of the things that keep me from living from a place of Joy, things like fear of not having enough money, not succeeding, etc. I know intuitively, that if I follow what bring me Joy that everything will fall into place and yet it seems so difficult to get started sometimes. So, I thought about getting some guidance from the Higher Vibrational Beings of Light on the matter. Check out what they had to share! Oh, one more thing, the energy that I channel calls me by my soul name, Mare’Sol which to me means, Sea and Sun! Enjoy!

Greetings friends,
It is with great pleasure that we come to share with you some answers to the questions, Mare’sol (Mark) has been contemplating during his meditation today. How do I live a joyful life each day? And how do I ultimately live my true Joy and Love when it seems so hard to get started? First, we’d like to share with you that LIVING YOUR JOY is less of an event for most and more of a choice you make in each moment. So many make choices out of fear, responsibility and worry rather than choosing out of Love and Joy. Love and Joy expand your heart and motivate you, while fear, the weight of responsibility and all those other motivators inevitably diminish your light. The first step to living your joy is to choose expansion, to choose those things that make you great, make you happy and make you smile. Smiling is a great first step! This truth is simple and yet many find reasons to choose otherwise. We understand that the pressures of modern day life largely impact your feelings and perceived ability to choose to Expand and Live from a Joyful place. It is the fear that you won’t succeed and that you’ll be ridiculed for FOLLOWING YOUR TRUTH that hold you back. Ridicule comes from those who admire and are jealous of the things you are doing. They fear your success in following your heart because then they have to face the Truth that they are not living their Truth and their joy. This brings their discomfort with their circumstances to life. It is a fearful reaction that they are having to not Expanding and FOLLOWING THEIR OWN TRUTH that triggers their ridicule and manipulation for you to “do the Right thing”, the responsible thing. But the right thing may not always appear to be the responsible thing. We know this is difficult to Accept and yet it is true. We are here to encourage you to leap, we are here to tell you that the answer to the question is to leap with Faith and Joy in your heart. In doing this, you will succeed, you will find Joy. And so the question is, how do I get started? How do I break the chains of responsibility and fear and begin following my Truth and Joy. For some, this is a big change, a life changing decision that will throw everything you know out the window. But, it begins with the choice to change. For others, it will be a gradual process rather than a life changing event. Which situation applies to you? You decide! How badly do you need the change? How deeply do you desire to LIVE YOUR TRUTH NOW and to find your Joy now. That is what will determine if your road to Joy is an event or a process. You see, it is ultimately you who chooses everything that occurs in your life. You choose to be Happy, Scared, Alone, or Joyful. You choose. Everything! Begin with a simple statement, “I choose to live Joyfully in this moment and with each breath.” Let this statement guide your decisions and your choices. You may also choose to focus on this statement, “I choose to let Joy and Love guide me in all that I do and I am attracted to things that bring me Joy.” Letting your heart fill with the TRUTH of these words and combining that Truth with your breath will help to create the change you seek. You will come up against those things that are limiting your progress, the fear, the responsibility, the people, and we encourage you to choose Joy. It will guide you in a way that is beneficial and supportive. It may not always feel like the path will be easy, and it won’t always be easy, but it will lead you to Joy and Love. It will answer your questions, it will guide you, it will fulfill you. Let that guide you now and always.

We thank Mare’Sol (Mark) for taking the time to share his questions and thoughts with us. We wish to share with you that we are always with you, with each of you reading this blog. Mare’ Sol (Mark) has agreed to be a voice for you and the things that concern you in your lives. He urges you to share your questions with him so that he can become of service to you in a deeper and more profound way.

In Love,

The Joyful Beings of Light


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