Dealing with Death and what it means!

Yesterday, I went to a funeral service for the deceased father of one of my childhood friends.  My friend’s father passed away very unexpectedly and the whole family and all of their close friends are in shock.  When tragedies like this happen in life, I always try to step back and find the meaning in the situation.  I believe that everything that happens in our lives give us an opportunity to grow deeper into our TRUTH, and to become more connected with our choices and our lives.  While trying to make sense of this shocking loss, I felt the need to channel some information to provide some guidance on the matter.

“Greetings loved ones,

We come to you now to share a response to Mare ‘Sol’s (Mark’s) questions and inquiries about the meaning of death, the purpose of death and how the loss of a loved one can become a positive experience.  First we wish to offer you our deepest condolences and support as we know the loss of a loved one is difficult.  It is difficult to see the body of a loved one empty of the life you once knew it to hold.

From our perspective though, there is no loss at all only transition.  In fact, the union of the self becomes stronger once the bonds of the physical body are freed up.  The body is a shell for a divine and beautiful spirit.  This shell serves as a vehicle which allows you to have experiences and connect but it is not “who you are.”  You are so much more than your bodies!  You are a DIVINE BEING LIGHT in human form.  This is part of the lesson and meaning in death.  You are more than a physical body.  In fact, shedding the body allows a stronger and deeper connection to the ones you lose in physical death.  You can connect with your deceased loved ones in a much stronger way once the body is released.  The spirit is stronger than the body and becomes more integrated with its totality when the body is left behind.  We encourage you and call to you, to reach out for the spirit of your lost loved one.  Learn to connect in this way and develop your connection more fully.  The loss of a loved one also pushes you to recognize the real TRUTHS in life, to remember what really matters and helps to remind you of your grandness and the power of your spirit.  You are so much more than your bodies.  Death also serves as a reminder that the petty squabbling and stressors that take up so much space in your lives are nothing more than an illusion.  If life is an illusion, which you know to be true, than how can your stressors and worries not be the same?  And so, death often helps to remind us of the importance of LIVING YOUR TRUTH NOW.  It helps remind us of the things that matter.  It helps connect everyone at a heart level.  This is what you are called to do in your life, to live from your heart space and to connect with other through the heart space.  While we know death and loss is difficult, we hope that these TRUTHS will help provide you with comfort that while the body is gone, the spirit lives on in a stronger form for the lessons learned and the love experienced.”

I have to say that receiving that message is very comforting for me.  Personally, it helps put the things I complain about into perspective.  There’s a deeper meaning in life that I can lose touch with because I allow myself to get wrapped into the “gunk” of a situation.  In a way, death helps shake me out of that funk.  It helps me to remember how important it is to love and to see the beauty and goodness in each moment.  This message also helps remind me that I can still connect with my deceased loved ones and in a more profound way than I could when they still wore their bodies.  In fact, I connect with my deceased grandfather most days and find so much comfort in his love and presence.  He’s a real support for me in my life even though he’s not with me in the same way anymore.

I hope this message feels some of the loss and sadness you feel with some healing and comfort.  Loss is difficult and I ask that you be filled with the light of love and compassion to help you deal with your grief.


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