Letting go of how it “should” be!

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of people for a monthly spiritual discussion group.  Our discussion started with some conversation about Walk Ins, some good spiritually thought provoking books and a review of past life issues.  I always find these discussion groups really uplifting as they serve as a reminder of the importance of LIVING MY TRUTH NOW rather than living a life distracted by things that don’t have real meaning and value.

As our discussion was winding down, I felt a very strong urge to channel some information for our group as well as for certain individuals.  Interestingly, this wasn’t the kind of psychic nudge that cannot be ignored.  In fact, it seems like these nudges are getting stronger and more persistent now for me.  I felt the strongest sense of stillness combined with a powerful force of energy pushing me toward the group members who needed to receive a few messages.  This happens to me sometimes, where I need to share messages and really can’t focus on anything else until I serve as that channel for the light and TRUTH.  So, I opened myself up to this flow of energy and consciousness and shared some very sensitive information with the group.  I’m always amazed that although the messages that come through sometimes can be directed toward specific people, the TRUTHS hold meaning for us all.

Since the message held meaning for me as well as others in the group, I felt compelled to share the overall themes with each of you!  The message started off with helping us to understand how we so frequently lament things that never come to pass in our lives.  We spend so much time and energy creating stories around our views of the way things “should” be rather than accepting and acknowledging the way things are in this moment.  Those stories we tell ourselves ultimately create fertile ground for Anger, Resentment, Hatred, Blame…and so we need to take the time to find a way to break the cycle, to reconnect to our TRUTH and to have fun.  The message weighed heavily on our need to create time for peace and quiet in our lives so that we can hear the messages and guidance we are being given.  The message also talked about the utmost importance of FUN.  Fun helps break us out of the stories we tell ourselves.  It helps us to gain the perspective we lose when we resist life for what it is now, in favor of how we think it should have turned out.

We were then reminded that worthiness is not something given to us by someone or something else.  It is something that exists simply because we exist.  We are worthy simply because we exist.  It’s so difficult to remember that sometimes.  We build our sense of self around such flimsy structures rather than grounding our sense of worth in our knowledge and TRUTH that we are “Divine Beings of Light.”  We need to remember that if we are from the same light and love that created the world that we can be nothing but worthy and love.  This always makes so much sense to hear, but it’s so easy to lose the connection to this when life starts to happen.  And so moments like this really help to remind me to stay focused on what matters.

Lastly, the other message that came through that resonated with all of us was deceptively simple.  The message was that the act of letting go can become a habit if we don’t actually “let go.”  In essence, we sometimes create situations in our lives that support a habit of letting go rather than us actually letting go.  So the intention begins to create a habit which reinforces itself if we don’t “do” the actual letting go.  Again, this message totally makes sense and yet is deceptively difficult to enact.

Hopefully some of that information hits home for you and helps to remind you how to LIVE YOUR TRUTH NOW.  I know it helped me.


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