You are a “Divine Being of Light”

Greetings Friends,
As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to share in conscious communication with you.  It has been an exciting time on your plane for many as the frequencies of light continue to shift from a lower vibration to one of a higher nature.  Along with these changes have come many changes in your life, your surroundings and your beliefs about how the way the world “should be.”  These changes are occurring to help elevate you to the next level of your evolution as a divine being of light.  This is a term we often use, “divine being of light.”  Have you ever contemplated the true meaning of those few words?  Have you ever thought about what they really mean?  We are here to share with you that they are a declaration of your truest and highest self.  They are an affirmation of your truth!  Listen to those few words, you are a Divine Being of Light.  It means you are divine, of love and the highest form of light.  You are a Creator, a Master, a Powerful being.  You are of the light – directly of the light.  You are the highest form of love and light as you exist today and in this moment.  These are truly powerful words with a powerful meaning.  We would ask you to sit with this knowledge, to internalize it and to begin to believe it for it is your truth!  How can it be otherwise?  You see…doubting something, fearing something does not make it so.  You are a powerful being of light and your doubt and fear cannot change that.  However, your Acceptance of that can empower you and fill you with confidence, purpose and conviction.  You see, this year is about letting go of the limiting beliefs, feelings, thoughts, etc.  This year is about stepping out into the Light as a Divine Being of Light.  This year is about letting go of the feelings of smallness and insignificance and recognizing your truth.  Are you ready to step out of the shadows?  Are you ready to Shine?  We are with you, sending our love and support.  We are always there.  Call upon us for help and trust that it comes!
We also wish to join with you more this year.  To come to know one another more intimately and to begin conversing more regularly.  We will do this through Mare’Sol (Mark) as he has been guided to begin blogging and communicating with you more.  However, we wish to deepen our relationship with you more too.  We ask you to find the time for stillness, for peace and for mindful heartfelt connection.  We are here wishing to help you more and to come to share with you more.
As always, much love and joy.  Your friends beyond the veil,
The Brotherhood of Intergalactic Hope.

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