First Entry

So, I’m a little nervous to be starting this blog.  It’s been something in the back of my mind for quite some time, but I’ve actually created it now and that thought has become a real thing.  It’s scary actually to put myself out there like this, being open to ridicule and the opinions of others, some of whom I’ve never met and may never meet.  There’s a real sense of vulnerability with blogging that I’m only now becoming aware of in my life.  It’s something I’ve known I’ve needed to do for a while but have just been reluctant to take the leap.  So here goes.  I guess I’m an official blogger now.  I hope to use this blog as a way to share with you the efforts I take in my life to LIVE My TRUTH NOW rather than waiting to live it tomorrow.  It’s not easy to do that let alone to share that journey with all of you, but I’m committed and look forward to the opportunities.  As I typed this, I felt inspired to channel a little information from the “beings of light” on their input regarding this blog.  I hope you enjoy!

Greetings Loved Ones,

It is with great pleasure that we come to you today to share in conscious communication!  We have been working to prepare Mark for this new endeavor of blogging and are glad to see that he has taken advantage of our ongoing encouragement.  He has been reluctant to do this for quite some time but as with all things, there is a season and his is now!

We wish to share with you our “voice” through this blog.  We hope to work through Mark to help him and you lead more truthful heartfelt lives.  We wish to help you leave behind fear, and all those things that keep you from living your life as authentically as you can.  You see, the time to let fear and worry motivate you has passed.  The time to live the life you were born to live is NOW.  We wish to help provide the information and guidance that will help you to live these truths.  The ultimate truth for all who live at this time is to live authentically, letting their light shine and radiate.  You purpose is to heal and grow and to be the radiant beings that you are.  We look forward to communicating with you through this blog and wish to send you our Love.

Ascended Masters


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