Ambiguity and Uncertainty

What do you do when your life is completely turned upside down, thrown you a curveball and just plain scared you? How do you cope when you can’t see the end? Ambiguity sucks! Uncertainty Sucks! And yet, we can’t escape either one…I know I can’t! So what do you do? Continue reading


Changing Frequencies of Light

Greetings Children of the Light,

It has been some time since Mare’Sol has opened himself up to receive our conscious communication!  He has been quite wrapped up in many earthly concerns lately for which we have been sending him Love and support.  We send this same Love and support to each of you, always.  Do you open yourself to receive it?  Do you allow yourself the time and nurturing you deserve to receive and feel our Love and support?  Continue reading

The Path to Authenticity

It can be dirty business trying to live authentically all the time. You have to be willing to get some dirt under your finger nails and to really do some heavy lifting if you’re going to Live Your Truth Now…

This past year, I’ve had my share of opportunities to learn to let go of living from a place of Fear, Worry, and second guessing myself. Continue reading

Discipline and The Art of “Be-ing”

Discipline! Yep, I’ve got that one covered. In fact, sometimes my sense of Discipline gets distorted and can become a form of obsession. You see, I’d classify myself as Type A personality, with a drive to accomplish things. I’m a “Do-er.” I’m not a sit on the sidelines kind of person. I make lists, I check off my accomplishments and I make more lists, etc. Continue reading

Closing Doors…

In life, some doors open and some doors close. We can’t change this, not matter how hard we try. The thing is, it’s always easier to start a new journey and close a door when the right/new doors open first. Interestingly, it doesn’t always work like that, sometimes you have to leap! Continue reading

On Chaos and Change

Recently, I’ve found myself shaking my head in frustration and confusion a lot! I’ve noticed that the world around me has been changing a lot lately and that things seemed to be a bit more chaotic and unpredictable. Even the people in my life that are usually really dependable and their actions and behaviors predictable seem to be experiencing this chaos on some level. It’s been really confusing, Continue reading

Your Heart Will Guide You!

Greetings Dear Ones,
It is with Great Pleasure that we come to share with you once again.  We wish to begin by letting you know that we have heard your cries for help and are answering those calls now.  In fact, we answer those pleas for help in the moment you make them but you do not always sit to listen to the answers to your questions.  In order to hear and know something as truth you must first begin by quieting the mind. Continue reading

Perspective and Personal Power

Recently, I had a very upsetting conversation with someone who was sharing their opinions, perspective and perceptions with me about some work we’ve done together. Personally, I take feedback very seriously and am always open to hearing it, as I’m always dedicated to living a better life and being a better person. However, sometimes I have a hard time hearing feedback…we all do. Especially, when it doesn’t make sense. Continue reading

Joyful Daily Living

During my meditation this morning, I was thinking about Joy. I was meditating on living from a place of Joy and Happiness in each moment. While doing this, I was trying to work through some of the things that keep me from living from a place of Joy, things like fear of not having enough money, not succeeding, etc. I know intuitively, that if I follow what bring me Joy that everything will fall into place and yet it seems so difficult to get started sometimes. So, I thought about getting some guidance from the Higher Vibrational Beings of Light on the matter. Check out what they had to share! Oh, one more thing, the energy that I channel calls me by my soul name, Mare’Sol which to me means, Sea and Sun! Enjoy!

Greetings friends,
It is with great pleasure that we come to share with you some answers to the questions, Mare’sol (Mark) has been contemplating during his meditation today. How do I live a joyful life each day? And how do I ultimately live my true Joy and Love when it seems so hard to get started? Continue reading